Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Wow, it's been FOREVA since I updated this blog. BOUT TIME!

I've been waaay bizzy. I'll just start by posting a bunch of junk that I've been up to recently and semi-recently. Here goes...

Caleb Goellner and myself put out TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD #2 last month! Due to Ryan Hill (colorist of TFRS #1) being amazing, he was busy coloring the fantastic JUDGE DREDD: MEGA CITY 2 miniseries, drawn by the homie Ulises Farinas, so yours truly did the color work- on top of the pencils, inks, and letters. You can download the issue pay-what-you-want (along with #1 and the Cakestor mini-comic) HERE. Here's the cover and the first 5 pages:

Here's a crazy GIF I made for it:

On top of that I've done a buncha shows lately (River City Comic Expo, Planet Comicon, Emerald City Comicon, Wizard World St. Louis Comicon), so I've done some commissions and sketches. Here's a few of them...

TMNT/Ghostbusters Mash-Up:

And it colored (I may make prints of this):

MetalDredd, TMNT/Judge Dredd Mash-Up:

Rocket Raccoon Sketch Cover Cabled out:

TMNT Sketch Cover sketched:

TMNT Sketch Cover finished:

GREEN RAINger Power Ranger (Tommy):

Scooby-Doo/Ratfink Mash-Up ft. Spooky Space Kook:

For the Planet Comicon show here in KC the local paper, The Kansas City Star, ran an article about DMC's foray into comics (Darryl Makes Comics), my friend Kevin Mellon and his great comic Suicide Sisters (GET DAT), and myself about TFRS and self-publishing. Though oft-misquoted in the article ("I don’t have high standards..." LOL wtf who would ever say that?), it was a cool opportunity to get some local exposure :]. Read the whole article HERE.

I also drew a story for the anthology comic (AMAZING FOREST) that Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas are writing/compiling for Monkeybrain Comics, called AGRO-MAN. It's soon to be released (in issue #4 me thinks?), so here's just a few pages from it:

 In addition to that, I compiled a bunch of Schlocktoberfest drawings that I did last October, as well as just some random sketches and stuff, into a sketchzine that I'm calling IZATSO. You can get these from me at shows I appear at as of now. In the future I may make them available for order online. Here's what it looks like, with a couple examples of what's inside:

Here's one of my tracks from my most recent beat release with The Outer Peoples, GEOMETRIC CONNECTIONS, put out by Urban Waves in Belgium last month:

Listen to the whole album HERE. Get the tapes online HERE. It's a digital and tape only release. Album illustration by my dude Osciel Ramos, w/ Dan Matic on the typography.  I should have copies of the tapes for sale at future shows I'm at (including comic shows) also. Here's what they'll look like:

Here's a list of the current comic/art shows I'm going to be at in the near(ish) future:

-C2E2 (Chicago, IL)
-Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (Kansas City, MO)
-River City Comic Expo (Little Rock, AR)

-Cincy Comicon (hopefully) (Cincinnati, OH)
-Rose City Comicon (Portland, OR)

If you want to try to set up some commishes to pick up during these shows, contact me at bustermoody[@]gmail . com (remove spaces & brackets) and we can talk about rates.

There's more stuff going on too, but I've run out of imaginary space! I'll leave you with this wonderful surprising thing that happened the other day to me:

So, that's kinda cool. Thnx Based God!

And thanks to YOU!


Monday, July 8, 2013


Sooo, here's a little 6 page Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan comic that Caleb Goellner and myself made. Directly following the pages are a couple download links for .pdf and .cbz versions with some additional stuff included in them.




Also, if you liked this Ninja Turtle fan comic please take a moment to check out TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD, the creator owned comic that Caleb and myself do. The first (32 page) issue is pay-what-you-wish for a digital copy, available HERE in various formats. You can also order print copies of the first issue HERE.



Sunday, April 14, 2013


So, I'm workin on a TMNT fan-comic with Task Force Rad Squad writer Caleb Goellner... In anticipation for it I did this:

If you haven't checked out or DLed (even fo' free) TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD yet, you can do that HERE.  We should have more print options shortly, so stay posted. Also, I'm putting together an etsy shop for original artwork from TFRS, so look out for that too.



Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend was Planet Comic Con in the KCMO, so naturally I was there with the homie Caleb Goellner pushing copies of TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD #1 on the public. This dude approves:

We pretty much moved all the hard copies, but nevar forget that it's still available at for pay-what-you-wish. We're also planning on reprinting it aesop, so check back for updates on getting the real deal in yer mitts. This is what it looks like in print on a cat-furry rug:

In addition to slinging santaitastic comics, I picked up cool stuff from some of my favorite comics and related peeps from around town. Here's a sampling:

Kyle Strahm had copies of his awesome sketchbook UNTOLD:

 Eve Englezos had some cool (not pictured) pizza and eye brooches, as well as these uber-dope "Famous Klingon" zines:

Local boss-level-flesh-inker (great tattoo artist) Jessie Hopeless had these (I like how the "hey" is almost like an ambigram):

A friend of mine, Jake Bartholomew Schmidt, had copies of his book THREE:

From Springfield came Brian Koschak with SEA TITANS, which he drew and wrote (with his kids):

Chris Grine traded me a copy of his great book CHICKENHARE for TFRS:

The dude Travis Fox had a new FOXYMORON minicomic that was GREAT (peoples, bother him to make moar comix alla the time):

My favorite comic of the weekend was another one I grabbed from my dude Jake, who's comic's writer's 9 year old daughter, Grace Patenaude wrote and drew... WOOF "a cartoon":

And I'll show you this drawing I got from Peter Bagge and consider Planet Comicon in the BAGGE HA OK BYE:

(don't forget tell your friends)